Productivity, health and energy when using natural and mixed-mode ventilation

This paper provides an overview of the scientific literature, which provides information on the association between the use of natural and mixed-mode ventilation and its effect on factors such as productivity, Sick Building Syndrome (SBS), health and indoor climate. The literature shows that all of the independent studies around the world indicate that natural and mixed-mode ventilation systems can contribute to some major savings.

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In this white paper, you’ll discover:

1. How focus on employees wellbeing is a good business 2. Productivity and energy benefits 3. Occupant’s perceptions, symptoms prevalence and perceived control opportunities 4. Prevalence in symptoms in schools

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Performance outcomes with natural and mixed-mode ventilation

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    7-8% improvement in test scores

    School children in classrooms with operable windows compared with children in classrooms with fixed windows.

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    Up to 18% in productivity gains

    Annually with natural ventilation or mixed mode air conditioning

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    77% user satisfaction

    With naturally ventilated spaces compared to 50% with mechanical ventilation

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