EPD – Documenting the environmental footprint

An Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, transparently documents the environmental performance or impact of a building product over its lifetime.

Lifecycle assessment

The EPD is based on a so-called life cycle assessment (LCA). A product’s lifecycle spans all processes from raw material extraction through manufacturing and processing to installation, usage, and disposal/recycling.

An important tool to building sustainably

An EPD is a key tool to everybody who wants to build sustainably. Around 39% of world CO2 emissions stems from the building industry. At the same time, buildings account for 40% of total resource usage. Therefore, methods are being created to enable contractors and other building professionals to lower their buildings’ carbon footprint. With quantifiable environmental information on a product’s life cycle, EPDs provide a solid foundation for comparing different products with similar functions and make informed decisions in building projects.

Grasses Blowing In Wind

Our EPDs are also available digitally or in PDF format here: ECO PORTAL - Eco Platform en (eco-platform.org)

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