Cyber Security Reporting

If you are experiencing a security issue with the software placed in a WindowMaster control unit, please reach out to our team here to report the issue. You can choose to be anonymous in your application while still being able to see the progress of your case. This submission form is only to provide a report on a potential cyber security breach in WindowMasters products. If you have general inquiries or need technical assistance with your WindowMaster hardware, please use this page to contact our team directly.

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Submitting a report using this service

Reporting a cyber incident consists of two sections and takes approximately 5 minutes. - General information - Incident details Information provided to WindowMaster is protected in the same way we protect our own confidential information: held securely, with strictly limited access. We may share reports with government organisations for the purposes of cross-governmental response and risk mitigation.

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Need more guidance for reporting an issue?

If you have any doubts or questions to the process of reporting a cyber security issue, please reach out to us.


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