Privacy and Personal Data Policy

This privacy and personal data policy is summarised in order to better inform you as a customer or stakeholder about what personal data WindowMaster processes and how we process it. WindowMaster respects all requests for confidentiality of personal information and is aware of the need for protection and secure processing of all personal information we receive.

WindowMaster is primarily geared towards businesses and, as with security regarding all business data, the protection of personal information such as names, email addresses and phone numbers is an important matter for us with respect to our cooperation with our customers. WindowMaster performs all activities in accordance with applicable laws concerning the protection of information privacy and data security. If WindowMaster’s web pages contain links to other third-party websites, this will fall outside of WindowMaster’s security.

What personal data do we collect?

WindowMaster requires a range of data to be able to do business with your company and service our customers, as well as market our products and services. WindowMaster collects information such as company name, address, phone number, IP address, email address as well as contact person, and the contact person’s title, phone number and email address. This data will most often be collected via a telephone call or via an email to our customer service team, and the data is stored in our CRM system as part of WindowMaster customer records.

Website and newsletter

We use cookies when you visit our website, but everyone can access WindowMaster’s website without disclosing personal data. However, certain personal data is required in connection with our newsletters (see below).

One of WindowMaster’s marketing strategies is to send relevant news to target groups in the form of newsletters. We only store the information of active subscribers to our newsletters and have a dedicated list for our most important business languages, namely English, German, Danish and Norwegian. We manage our newsletter in our CRM system (ClickDimensions – part of Microsoft Dynamics). Below you will find an overview of how we manage consent and subscriptions.

We increase the number of new subscribers to our newsletters via our website. Under “News”, we have incorporated a registration form where the individual subscriber signs up with their contact information. If the contact is already listed in our CRM system, we add their profile to the newsletter list. If the contact is not registered in our CRM system, the system automatically adds the profile as a contact person.

When you enter your contact information on the registration form, the following text is displayed: “You can sign up for our newsletter below. When you sign up, you also sign up to receive exciting news from WindowMaster. If you have second thoughts about your subscription to the newsletter, you can always unsubscribe via the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.". In the CRM system, we have a digital record of all registrations.

If the contact unsubscribes from the newsletter, they are automatically removed from the marketing list. The lists are also reviewed on a yearly basis to ensure the validity of the data.

WindowMaster does not purchase personal data from third parties.

The purpose of collecting personal data

The purpose of collecting personal data is to provide you with targeted information and marketing materials, as well as provide you with the best service possible when contacting our customer service team.

Who has access to your data?

WindowMaster International A/S and all local subsidiaries are responsible for all data collected in connection with product or services inquiries and newsletters. By filling out a web-based form or emailing customer service, you agree to allow us to share your inquiry to Certified WindowMaster Partners for the sole purpose of responding to your request. We will not sell or market your personal data to third parties.


Storage and deletion of data

Personal data is only saved for as long as is necessary to fulfil the purpose for which the information was collected.

Since personal data may also be a part of accounting records, this data is stored for up to 10 years to ensure compliance with the laws of the different countries that WindowMaster is represented in.

Data is stored in a CRM system in a database that is protected via access control and a firewall.

At any time, you are entitled to contact WindowMaster and find out what personal information we hold on you and you may also request that this information is deleted.

The WindowMaster NV Embedded® app

When using the WindowMaster app or dashboard to control the indoor climate in connection with an NV Embedded® solution, you register as a user with name, email address and password. Before you register as a user, you must accept our Terms of Use and General Terms for NV Embedded®, which is stated before downloading the app.

Your contact information is not stored in our CRM system, but only in a secured WindowMaster Cloud and only in connection with the building to which you have been granted access.

Additions to the Privacy and Personal Data Policy

WindowMaster may at any time revise or update this Policy.

Revised as of September 18, 2020


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