Discover the original natural ventilation systems by WindowMaster

The principles of natural ventilation are as old as buildings themselves. WindowMaster has re-engineered the approach – but how much do you really know about these highly intelligent automated solutions and the systems used to deliver them? To find out more on how digital transformation can mix with the forces of nature, this video lifts the lid on the basic principles of natural ventilation in buildings and unveils how WindowMaster has empowered them to meet the needs of modern architecture and construction.

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Natural ventilation for 21st-century buildings

Natural ventilation in buildings is an ancient method of consistently supplying fresh air by harnessing natural forces. From the Persian Wind Towers to the Pantheon of Rome, it’s an age-old system implemented since the dawn of buildings. Fast-forward to the 21st century and ventilation requirements have evolved. Whilst health and comfort are key, so is energy efficient and cost-effective building design. Improving indoor air quality and supporting low-carbon building solutions simultaneously has therefore become an essential requirement. Carbon reductions are increasingly becoming mandatory, and that has left the built environment needing to find the best controllable solutions to regulate the indoor climate and meet targets. This has led to an ever-growing application for natural ventilation.

UCL Student Centre Exterior Facade

Looking to include natural ventilation solutions in your building?

Our highly skilled team of professionals can guide you on specification best-practice, identifying the benefits and potential pitfalls of your project to deliver an optimized indoor climate.

Highly intelligent window automation

Thanks to technological advancements, including sophisticated building management systems (BMS), our approach to natural ventilation has laid a clear path towards achieving healthy, high-performing buildings that support occupant wellbeing. The original natural ventilation systems by WindowMaster enable seamless, programmable window automation, delivered through smart sensor technology, for more accurate and efficient actuation. This guarantees the flow of fresh air into and out of a building, while integrated actuators enable whisper quiet automation of windows.

Discover the benefits of natural and mixed-mode ventilation

By re-engineering and reinforcing the principles of natural ventilation in buildings, we fulfil our ambition to deliver the very best indoor climate solutions in the world. Since 1990, we have been leaving a fresh mark on building worldwide from our headquarters in Copenhagen.

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