About Smoke Ventilation or SHEVs

Automated smoke ventilation quickly vents smoke through high-level smoke vents while low-level openings allow replacement air to enter. Do you have more questions about smoke and heat ventilation work? Feel free to contact us!

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Why choose natural smoke ventilation?

Safety during an emergency. Helping occupants to escape safely and avoid smoke inhalation are major concerns when developing a building’s fire emergency plan. In order for occupants to escape in the event of a fire emergency, smoke must be removed as quickly as possible from the building. At the same time, this allows fire service professionals to extinguish the fire safely and effectively. Exhausting the smoke helps ensure that the building does not overheat and that explosions of smoke gases can be prevented.

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What is natural smoke ventilation?

Natural or passive smoke ventilation quickly vents smoke through the automatic opening of high-level smoke vents while low-level openings will allow replacement air to enter. In this way, the smoke is allowed out and fresh air comes in.

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How does SHEV work?

With a smoke ventilation solution, the high-level smoke vents (skylights, windows or proprietary smoke vents) will open automatically in conjunction with the low-level replacement air openings. This system, when designed and controlled correctly, ensures that the smoke is exhausted rapidly, enabling the occupants to escape, reducing the risk of fatalities.

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Smoke vent plus comfort ventilation

Natural smoke ventilation not only creates safety and security for the users of the building, but it also provides the opportunity for comfort ventilation. The openings in the facade and roof can ventilate every day to provide a pleasant indoor climate. In combination with weather stations and/or sensors, the actuators can be intelligently operated. This reduces the demand on building cooling and ventilation systems, reducing energy consumption and improving air quality. In a comfort ventilation system, both indoor and outdoor climate conditions are monitored. This ensures that the windows open and close at the appropriate moments and that the indoor CO2 levels stay within optimal levels. Thermal comfort of the indoor occupants is also a key focus of this type of system. So, a smoke safety solution is not just an investment in the protection of building occupants in case of fire, but it also becomes an active part of providing users with a balanced day-to-day indoor climate that is environmentally friendly.

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Many window profiles are certified with our products for smoke ventilation

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