Tested to EN 12101-10 and ISO 21927-9, this is a modular smoke control system for large and medium sized areas. It also includes the possibility of natural ventilation control. Contact us to discuss a smoke control strategy for your building.

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FlexiSmoke delivers

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    Easy initialization

    Easy-to-read 3½ inch LCD touch screen makes the panel easy to configure, commission, and maintain. System errors are described on-screen to facilitate troubleshooting and initialization.

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    Reduced cabling

    FlexiSmoke uses bus technology, reducing the overall cabling for break glass units, smoke detectors, and keypads.

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    Flexible system structure

    Available in three different sizes 20A, 40A and 60A, FlexiSmoke can expand to multiple zones and incorporate automated natural ventilation.

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    Smoke ventilation based on wind direction

    The smoke control panel can be set so that the opening and closing of windows are determined by wind direction and speed. The only addition needed is a wind direction sensor.

Installation Help

Two smoke zone implementation


How to implement a large smoke area using two panels


How to connect and configure a chain and locking actuator


Firmware update


Sequential control configuration


How to retrieve a log file


How to retrieve a configuration back-up file


FlexiSmoke assembly

More about FlexiSmoke

Configuration and troubleshooting

This can be done with the integrated touchscreen, or a PC can be connected without additional modules. 

Flexismoke Display ENG

±24V DC or comfort ventilation

The smoke control panel gives the possibility of up to three actuator speeds depending on the type of actuator:

  • ±24V DC standard actuator with one speed for SHEV
  • MotorLink® actuator intelligence with three speeds (SHEV / comfort ventilation / intelligent automation)

The panel's overall control module is available with or without field bus interface for KNX or BACnet IP.

Integration to other systems

Can integrate to WindowMaster control system NV Advance® or to the building management system. 

System Example

There can be many different ways to configure a system for a building. This image provides an overview of one possible scenario.

Smoke Systemdiagram FS

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