Smart window automation technology

MotorLink® makes natural ventilation -intelligent- enabling accurate control of facade and roof openings for a comfortable and well-controlled indoor climate. Contact a specialist to get MotorLink® for your window automation.

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Control of automated facades and roof openings for a comfortable indoor climate

Top 5 benefits

Intelligent window actuators with MotorLink®

  • Icon Whisper

    Whisper quiet operation

    Get nearly soundless window actuator operation with MotorLink® enabled TrueSpeed™

  • Icon Accurate

    Accurate control and feedback

    Run actuators with precise speed and to a specific degree of opening, plus get real-time feedback of openings and faults to the BMS

  • Icon Synchro

    Synchronized, dynamic facades

    Movement and control across multiple actuators is smooth when opening and closing for the highest level of facade aesthetics

  • Icon Cog

    Easier installation

    Because MotorLink® MotorControllers manage the communication from the window actuators to BMS, there is less cabling directly to BMS

  • Icon Safety

    Safe operation

    When in close mode, window actuators can detect obstacles preventing operation and then reverse to release the object

How quiet are whisper-quiet window actuators?

With TrueSpeed™, window actuators are quieter than a vehicle in motion and are barely louder than a whisper. On average, TrueSpeed™ actuators are no louder than 30dBA. Click below to find ultra quiet actuators.

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Db Scale Truespeed
Actuator pins and bolts

More about MotorLink®


  • Remote parameter set-up and adjustment
  • Three programmable speeds based on customer-defined parameters: automatic, manual, and smoke ventilation
  • Millimeter reversing function to protect window gaskets

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