The John and Frances Angelos Law Center at the University of Baltimore

U. of Baltimore Law Center

Completed in 2013, the new home of the John and Frances Angelos Law Center at the University of Baltimore achieved LEED Platinum certification in 2014. The prominently placed building in Baltimore makes the Law School a social and academic nexus. The design of the building also unites the outdoor and indoor elements by placing people in connection to fresh air and daylight.

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Natural ventilation


Baltimore, MD, USA



Control System




Project partners

Behnisch Architekten

Dynamic facade for natural ventilation

WindowMaster provided more than 1,000 MotorLink® actuators that integrate the façade to the LONworks Buildings Management System. This enables full control of each motorized window. The patented MotorLink® allows the actuators to operate intelligently with the BMS so that natural ventilation is controlled automatically in coordination with the building’s heating and cooling systems.

U. of Baltimore Law Center

Atrium design with natural ventilation

The façade of the atrium is an all-glass, multi-story structure attached to a steel frame. The atrium contains automatically operable windows which are fully controlled by the BMS. The smoke exhaust fans in the atrium can be used at low speed in combination with the natural ventilation to enhance cross ventilation.

U. of Baltimore Law Center

When natural ventilation is appropriate for the climate

Outdoor temperatures in Baltimore are appropriate for natural ventilation about 40% (approximately 5 months) of the year. Therefore, a mixed mode approach to the interior climate is taken, with mechanical ventilation, heating, and cooling during the extreme seasons and natural ventilation during spring and fall. According to Behnisch Architekten, the Law Center achieves a 43% energy cost savings over a baseline building.

U. of Baltimore Law Center


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