UL 325 approved window actuators and MotorControllers for smoke control systems

Do you need the vents in your building to close quickly in case of fire? Or do you need them to open to remove smoke and avoid suffocation? There are now UL-approved products that may work for your smoke control strategy.

UL 325 approved window actuators from WindowMaster

Depending on your smoke control strategy, UL-approved window actuators could be an important component of your system. We have a large product range of small, medium and large UL-approved actuators for different window profiles The actuators can be instructed to open or close the vents during a fire to either ensure that the smoke is exhausted rapidly or to dampen down the fire. Through the MotorController configuration, the actuator can send a signal about its current position.

UL approved actuators
WMU 852

UL 325 approved MotorControllers and communication

WindowMaster MotorControllers support BACnet and KNX automation protocols. In a smoke control system in the U.S., the window actuator and MotorController must be slave to a BMS. The components from WindowMaster open or close the vents based on the instructions from the BMS system or Fire Life Safety Master panel and send back a status feedback in return. The MotorControllers do not come with backup power-supply or batteries.

UL 325 approved MotorControllers
WCC 310 320 Plus

Approval of your smoke control system

Your strategy determines the need for window actuators and controls as part of the complete smoke control system. The local fire marshal must approve the smoke control system for commercial buildings.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the IBC provisions for smoke control systems and NFPAs Recommended Practice for Smoke Control Systems (NFPA 92A)


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