WEA 164

Digital input module, 4 channel

  • Digital input module used for receiving information via third party systems
  • Used for the control unit NV Comfort®

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WEA 164

About WEA 164

Main features

  • Natural ventilation

    Natural ventilation

    The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate

KNX certified

    KNX certified

    The product is KNX certified and supports this BUS communication

Product Details

4-fold Binary Input with manual operation.

The device is suitable for reading out 0...265 V AC/DC signals.

Inputs A and B are independent of inputs C and D.

Manufacturer: ABB. Type: BE/S 4.20.1. www.ABB.com


Technical specifications
Bus voltage 21 ... 32 VDC 
Current consumption, bus <10mA 
Power consumption max. 1.8W 
Leakage loss, bus max. 200mW
Number inputs
Permitted voltage range 0 ... 265 V AC/DC 
Input current In max. 2mA 
Signal level for 0-signal 0 ... 120V AC/DC 
Signal level for 1-signal 180 ... 265V AC/DC 
Permitted cable lengths  100m with 1.5mm²

Delivery includes

Intelligent control of windows: MotorLink®

MotorLink® is a communication technology that enables 2-way control and feedback between window actuators and the Building Management System via the MotorController. All WindowMaster control systems are MotorLink® capable with many of our actuators. Click below to learn more and see related products.

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