Fieldbus card KNX interface

WCA 3FK 0102

  • Fieldbus card KNX interface
  • Used for WSC 310/320 PLUS and WCC 310/320 PLUS

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About WCA 3FK 0102

Main features

  • Natural ventilation

    Natural ventilation

    The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate

KNX certified

    KNX certified

    The product is KNX certified and supports this BUS communication

Product Details

The smoke panels WSC 310/320 PLUS as well as MotorControllers WCC 310/320 PLUS, can be expanded with a communication card thus comfort ventilation will be possible via bus communicaion KNX together with eg. NV Comfort® or NV Advance®

The connection of a fieldbus card enables communication and access to the available bus-objects depending on the chosen system. Smoke extraction function has always higher priority than comfort commands from the field bus and it is recommended only to use field bus for comfort purposes.
There is a set of objects available for each motor line, ventilation group and smoke zone, which provides the options for status and commands. For further information on available objects see ”KNX Application Programming Description" under the WSC 310 /320 PLUS smoke panel or the WCC 310/320 PLUS MotorController.


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