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WindowMaster is now introducing the latest addition to our portfolio of smoke and heat ventilation solutions: a new compact smoke control panel, WSC 104, combines effective smoke extraction with comfort ventilation

With an increasing focus on combining optimal indoor air quality with uncompromising fire safety protocol, WindowMaster’s highly skilled team of specialists have developed WSC 104. 

A new compact smoke control panel, with its seamless ability to combine efficient smoke extraction with comfort ventilation, is helping to drive up interior health and safety standards across the board. WSC 104 will replace our existing WSC 204 and become a standard product in its catalogue. 

Neat, user-friendly and easy to configure

Safeguarding occupants and visitors in commercial buildings is at the heart of WSC 104’s development. In the event of a potential fire outbreak, it is critical to ventilate the toxic smoke and gases out of the building, while also allowing fresh air to flow into the interior. It’s a method that’s conventionally achieved by allowing fresh air to enter through lower building openings to encourage the smoke to escape through the roof, upper vents and windows. WSC 104 has been developed to seamlessly automate this process. The new smoke control panel can connect to either ±24V DC standard actuators or actuators with WindowMaster’s MotorLink® technology – to deliver smoke ventilation that preserves and protects. This neat, compact and user-friendly control panel is suitable for use in smaller interiors and other parts of a building, such as stairwells, which will prove vital in aiding in the safe escape of occupants in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, the new panel includes 3-wire multifunction technology that can seamlessly slot into existing installations when retrofitting previous systems. This simplifies refurbishing buildings with modern technology.

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We can support with the right smoke control solution fitting the specific requirements of your building.

Easy-to-configure - compact smoke control panel

- Control of ±24V DC standard or MotorLink® actuators with silent operation - 1 smoke zone / 1 ventilation group, ideal for small projects - Easy configuration on 8 DIP switches - Less cabling as the panel uses bus technology

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Regulations call for constant adaptation  

The WSC 104 panel has been tested under EN 12101-10 and ISO 21927-9 standards, clearing the way for full distribution and will officially be sold from the second quarter of 2023. 

“Our clients are constantly having to adapt to evolving building safety regulations, so it’s vital we are adapting and improving our product base to dovetail and align our offering with their needs. With WSC 104, we’ve been able to combine several relevant and requested functions with new, modern technology. The result is one product that leaves out the need for additional modules.”
Erik Boyter

Erik Boyter

CEO at WindowMaster

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