MotorLink® - Intelligent control of windows

The demand for automated and intelligent facades has grown dramatically over recent years and this development will continue due to the focus on energy consumption and sustainability. MotorLink® is a state-of-the-art digital data communication technology. It provides improved and accurate control and functionality in connection with any BMS that includes automated windows and natural ventilation.

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In this brochure, you’ll discover:

- The features and benefits of MotorLink® - Components for a MotorLink® solution - Actuator variations on a MotorLink® Motorline - Recommendations for design with natural ventilation

HouseZero Exteriour Facade Window
Top 5 benefits

Intelligent window actuators with MotorLink®

  • Icon Whisper

    Whisper quiet operation

    Get nearly soundless window actuator operation with MotorLink® enabled TrueSpeed™

  • Icon Accurate

    Accurate control and feedback

    Run actuators with precise speed and to a specific degree of opening, plus get real-time feedback of openings and faults to the BMS

  • Icon Synchro

    Synchronized, dynamic facades

    Movement and control across multiple actuators is smooth when opening and closing for the highest level of facade aesthetics

  • Icon Cog

    Easier installation

    Because MotorLink® MotorControllers manage the communication from the window actuators to BMS, there is less cabling directly to BMS

  • Icon Safety

    Safe operation

    When in close mode, window actuators can detect obstacles preventing operation and then reverse to release the object

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