Check a room's estimated air change rate with our calculator

“Air changes per hour” is also called “air exchange rate”, and it refers to the frequency at which a volume of air is either added, extracted, or exchanged within a room.

WindowMaster offers a convenient solution for checking the estimated air change rate in a room. With our free calculator tool, users can easily perform natural ventilation calculations for a specific room. You only need to put in information about:

  • Building location
  • Height from ground to opening
  • Room volume
  • Window groups

By putting in the necessary information, such as room volume and orientation of the windows, the calculator will provide an estimate of the air change rate. This rate is determined by the airflow rate multiplied by the room's volume.

Additionally, the tool also displays the air change rate in relation to the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environments, indicating the performance based on thermal buoyancy.

The first step to improving poor indoor air quality

Utilising our calculator for air change per hour is the first step towards finding the right natural strategy for a good indoor climate. As this innovative tool allows you to assess the air change rate in a room, it provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of different natural strategies.

By understanding the air change rate, you can make informed decisions on which approach is the most optimal for your specific project. For that reason, the calculator acts as a crucial first step towards creating a healthier indoor climate.

Additionally, this calculator can also help you understand how your current ventilation strategy performs.

Let WindowMaster help you with the indoor climate solution

For more complex calculation requirements, you can reach out to our team of Cleantech Engineers for further assistance. And once the air exchange rate has been determined, we can also assist you in finding the perfect indoor climate solution for your needs.

Whether you require help in choosing the most suitable natural ventilation options or need maintenance services for your existing ventilation system, our dedicated team is ready to offer their expertise.

At WindowMaster, we have an in-depth knowledge of industry trends, state-of-the-art technologies, and sustainable practices, which means that we can help you create a space that combines functionality, aesthetics, as well as environmental responsibility.


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