Integrating Intelligent Components into your BMS for Window Automation

As a building designer or BMS integrator, you’ve probably noticed an increased demand for integrating Natural Ventilation into smart, automated buildings. When done properly, controlled window automation can be a huge benefit to the building and its occupants, even though it’s one of the more complex applications for the BMS.


If you’d like to learn how to overcome some of the common challenges plus learn about the benefits, then watch our webinar.

What you'll learn

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    About the growing trend toward Window Automation

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    The challenges of Natural Ventilation and Window Control

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    Different approaches to controlling actuators and simplifying System Architecture

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    Intelligent Components that make controlling ANY 24v window actuator easier and more cost-effective

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    How to get it right with free specialist support

By gaining a better understanding of the Window Automation landscape and the latest technology available, integrating it will also become more cost-effective and predictable so that you can deliver high performance buildings to happy clients.

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