WMB 801 / 802

Locking / Espagnolette actuator

  • Locking / espagnolette actuator
  • Locking direction: counter clockwise (as seen from inside)
  • For smoke and comfort ventilation

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WMB 801 / 802

About WMB 801 / 802

Main features

  • 24V Nominal voltage

    24V Nominal voltage

    The product is to be connected to a ±24V power supply

Smoke ventilation according to EN 12101-2

    Smoke ventilation according to EN 12101-2

    The product is suitable for smoke ventilation according to EN 12101-2 and uses natural driving forces for the efficient exhaust of smoke and heat

Natural ventilation

    Natural ventilation

    The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate

Product Details

For ventilation and smoke ventilation application for the WMX and WMU 836 series operators. Locking direction: counter clockwise (as seen from inside)

In combination with the window actuator type WMX or WMU the espagnolette makes it electrically possible to lock/open the espagnolette system.

The espagnolette actuator is surface mounted to aluminium, plastic or wooden window frames.

Up to two espagnolette actuators can be mounted on the same window.

The WMB 801/ 802 can only be used on windows with no handle and where the tilt position comes before the turn position.

The window’s espagnolette system can be set in three positions: lock, tilt and turn.

The turn position is set via an external switch; the window can hereafter be opened manually. The external switch is not delivered with the espagnolette actuator.

Espagnolette bracket type WAB 806 with automatic emergency detachment is included. The bracket transmits the espagnolette actuator’s movement to the espagnolette system in the window.


Technical specifications
Locking force     750N
Operating voltage: 20-36 VDC
Current consumption:    1A
Primary voltage: 230VAC, ±10%, 50/60Hz, 50VA
Size: 277 x 45 x 42mm (WxHxD)
Colour: grey (RAL 7004)

Delivery includes

Espagnolette actuator and espagnolette bracket with screws.

Intelligent control of windows: MotorLink®

MotorLink® is a communication technology that enables 2-way control and feedback between window actuators and the Building Management System via the MotorController. All WindowMaster control systems are MotorLink® capable with many of our actuators. Click below to learn more and see related products.

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