NV Comfort® - NVC KNX A02

NV Comfort® - natural ventilation for up to 8 zones / rooms

  • Controls natural ventilation in up to 4 respectively 8 zones
  • Controls the radiators, sun screening and light in the zones
  • With NV Manager™ enables log data for the zones

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NV Comfort® - NVC KNX A02

About NV Comfort® - NVC KNX A02

Main features

  • Natural ventilation

    Natural ventilation

    The product is suitable for comfort ventilation to ensure that the building’s users enjoy a comfortable indoor climate

KNX certified

    KNX certified

    The product is KNX certified and supports this BUS communication

Product Details

NV Comfort® controls façade and roof windows so that they automatically open and close by incremental amounts on the basis of individual fixed values for the desired room temperature and CO2 levels, as well as measurements of external temperature, rain and wind speed.

The overall operation on the installation is performed using the touch screen, where there are menues for the daily operation of both the building level and a zone-by-zone level, as well as menus for setting the operation parameters so that windows and any connected heating, mechanical ventilation, lighting and shading are controlled automatically.

NV Manager™ enables remote control NV Comfort®  and log data (event log) for the zones.
To be used with NV Comfort
® version or newer.
For further information please read the product sheet "NV Comfort
® Log and remote control". 


Technical specifications  - TOUCH SCREEN
Screen 7'' LCD - Wide VGA touch screen with frame
Size Screen:
185 x 126 x 52mm (WxHxD)
211 x 140 x 5mm (WxHxD), brushed anodised aluminium
Material Plast housing with front surrounding in brushed anodised aluminium and adaptor
Power supply 120-230 VAC
Technical specifications - NET ADAPTOR
Plug Supplied with plug for Western Europa, UK, and US
Cable lenght  1.2m

Delivery includes

NV Comfort® touch screen with alu frame.

To be ordered seperately:
- software card NVC SC
- basic pack NVC BP KNX 11
- build on frame NVC A102 (but only if NV Comfort® is to be build-on)

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